Top 10 albums, #7:Dr John / In the right place

I remember Swedish National Television broadcasted the Last Waltz with The Band. I really liked their music, but I clearly remember being hypnotized by Dr John. Still, every time I listen to this album I really really enjoy it and it makes me feel good.

The songs on the album are:
1. Right Place Wrong Time
2. Same Old Same Old
3. Just The Same
4. Qualified
5. Traveling Mood
6. Peace Brother Peace
7. Life
8. Such A Night
9. Shoo Fly Marches On
10. I Been Hoodood
11. Cold Cold Cold

If you want to get into the mood of this record, check out Qualified. And listen to the lyrics!

Your social life ain’t no better than my hot dog stand
Your edumacation ain’t no hipper than what you understand

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