One of the worst period of my life …. and a new project

I am beginning to see an end to a very busy and frustrating period of my life. I really do think it’s been one of the worst experiences in many ways, of course not counting the periods where life and death were part of the game. I will not go into any details, but I will mention that I will now focus my work on FSF Europe, SELF, IT University, and GNU Xnee. I will not start or join any project in a long time, apart from the one here below.

When listening to Black Sabbath’s album ‘Sabbath bloody sabbath’ I realised that it is my mission to gather my friends for a project called

Top 10 Heavy Metal/Hard Rock songs ever evening

I have promised to write a draft for the rules on what songs/artists allowed in the list.

When thinking about my list I will probably end up with 7 out of 10 songs from a band from Birmingham, England.

Apart from that little project I will now take two steps back and focus on the work I am supposed to do and also I will focus on my family and myself.

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