Top 10, #5: Sonic Youth / Daydream nation 1988

Before I listened to this album (on LP) I had not heard Sonic Youth at all.
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation

  1. Teen Age Riot
  2. Silver Rocket
  3. The Sprawl
  4. ‘Cross The Breeze
  5. Eric’s Trip
  6. Total Trash
  7. Hey Joni
  8. Providence
  9. Candle
  10. 10 Kissability
  11. Trilogy: a) The Wonder b) Hyperstation c) Eliminator Jr.
    Teen Age Riot: The album starts off with Teen age riot, which is a really good song. I liked it.

    Silver rocket: At at the second track I realised that Sonic Youth is my kind of band. Silver rocket is pure magic. Electrifying. Fast. Hard. It had (and still has) everything.

    The sprawl.‘Cross The Breeze

    Eric’s Trip:
    Wow a third singer. A completely different type of song. Man, this is so damn good.

    Hey Joni: By that time I was really into Joni Mitchell (listen to the album ‘or the roses’ and you’ll understand why) so I loved the name of the song. When listening to the song I thought it was the best song ever made by man. Still I think it qualifies.


    By the time I got to the previous track I really thought this was a very good album. When having heard Candle I know for sure. This is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and Sonic Youth is one of the best bands ever. This song is so damn good.

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