GNU Xnee 2.5.99 is out

Look here:

New features:

man page for pnee
man page for gnee


Checks syntax of cli and files. No other action performed.

Updated Options for cnee

Short option for recall window position is now:
(-rcp, is not valid anymore)

Build changes:

  • configure option for pnee added


  • New script build/

verifies dist file

  • New file (README.Debian) for Debian users

configure exits if not all doc generating programs are found

  • New directory pixmap, used when building gnee or pnee
  • new file: libxnee/include/libxnee/x11_files.h
  • new dirs and files:


Doc changes:
FAQ entry added on ending recording with Control-C

  • Information on gnee added
  • Information on pnee added
  • Xnee and different keyboard mapping

Bugs fixed:

  • Replay crashing when window name is empty and using recall window position.
  • Buffer overflow error while replaying recorded file
  • #18449 [cnee makes “@” to “q” on german keyboard]


  • New About window for Gnee
  • Icon added (thanks to Luis Santander and Jeremiah Foster)
  • Solution to crashing X server depends on what server/version
  • Moved all X11 inclusions to one xnee file (x11_files.h)

Minor updates

  • Examples (help printout) are updated

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