Top 10 albums, #1: Fred Ã…kerström / Fred sjunger Bellman

A cover album. Who would have thought that. Fred Åkerström sings Bellman so beautiful, so intense, so full of emotions. I will not try to translate the lyrics since my English is not good enough. But you can still listen to the the emotions and the excellent musical interpretations on the albums.
Fred Åkerström

  1. Fader Berg i hornet stöter
  2. Ack, du min moder
  3. Kära syster, mig nu lyster
  4. Drick ur ditt glas
  5. Ack, vad för en usel koja
  6. Bröderna fara väl vilse ibland
  7. Movitz blåste en konsert
  8. Se dansmästarn Mollberg
  9. Liksom en herdinna
  10. Märk hur vår skugga

List to the song Liksom en herdinna. Fred’s singing is getting more intense for every verse. In the end the song is so full of emotions. Can’t (and need not) say more.

For musical (as well as vocal and lyrical) reasons listen to Ack, vad för en usel koja.

Can this really be number 1? Yes, this is the album I would grab if the house was on fire.