Joh Hiatt / Gothenburg 11 Dec 2007

At very rare occasions you stumble across great concerts. Sometimes
they are like pure magic. Sometimes even better. This was one of
them. OK, John Hiatt as s song writer has been a favorite of mine for
years. Ever since I heard Have a little faith in me I’ve been
stuck. I still remember listening to the album Bring the family for
the first time. Pure magic. Back to the concert.

Hearing favorite songs like Lipstick sunset live is fantastic. And
acoustic. No band. No nothing. Only John Hiatt, his music and his
magical voice. He seems to enjoy playing live. Enjoy being still being
married. I will not (try to) write more about the concert. Instead I
will ask you to but the album Bring the family. That album is very
high on my greatest albums list. The concert itself is heading for the
top. Neil young and Sonic Youth (both in Roskilde, Denmark) and Elvis
Costello (Spike tour) are the others I can think of. And perhaps Frank
Zappa in Stockholm.

John, please come back to the place you actually didn’t pronounce that
well: Storan

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