Henry Rollins, 21 years later

I went to see Henry Rollins show at Lorensbergsteatern (Gothenburg, Sweden) yesterday.
During the show, which was really great (not everyone thought so* though) I started to think about the last time I saw him live. It was here in Gothenburg as well. 22 years ago. I was 15 years old (old?) and he was 25.

Henry told some great stories about Van Halen, Ozzy and the The Ruts (check ’em out!) and also some stories from his travels. I miss the rawer energy from the show in 1986, where he talked about the conflict he was in when seeing Bono while walking with his (Henry’s) girlfriend. The fact that he liked his girlfriend and the promise he’d made to his band about what to do when seeing Bono put him in a conflict I wish I could hear him speak about again. During yesterday’s show Henry ranted about Bush, which is always funny. Especially the story about the Mandelas.
*) GP (se), DN (se)

Bush and Mandelas: Bush trodde Mandela var död: “Pinsamt” (se)

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