It's alive. Swinput has gotten a new developer

Some 4 years have passed without much done in the swinput project. Even though we’ve received a number of reports, not much have been done. The only thing that happened was that swinput had been turned into a patch work, due to all the small fixes done with months in between them.

When Daniel Hiepler send a patched swinput 0.7.2 I realized that swinput is a really fun program (kernel module) to both use and develop so the energy is back.
I am planning a workshop on developing linux modules (kernel modules) and swinput may actually be a good basis…. hmmmm.

Will update Gnu Xnee‘s test scripts accordingly.
BTW, Swinput can fake a mouse and a keyboard by using the Linux Input System. The swinput modules read from a device and fakes hardware event (mouse motion, key presses etc) as commands written on the devices. Swinput presents status etc on the proc filesystem.

… and Daniel, thanks for teaming up 🙂

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