New playlist 'generator'

I can’t say I am tired of listening to Les Claypool (Primus, Sausage …). But 3 hours in a row made want something else. But how to prevent the same story all over again, bit with another artist. Random mode. Hmmm…. too easy solution.

In amarok I used
the search field and entered whatever poped in to my mind. I don’t know why shaking cam up, but it did. So now I am listening to music with the letters ‘shakin’ (no ‘g’) in it. Came up with:

  • Shaking the tree – Peter Gabriel
  • Shaking and trembling – Steve Reich
  • A final shaking – Steve Reich
  • Shaking hell – Sonic youth
  • Shaking all over – The who

Perhaps a random word generator plugin to amarok…. or getting back to work

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