Gnome 2.24 tea party at Flygarns in Gothenburg, Sweden

Follow up on a previous blog post about Gnome 2.24 release party I will state two++ things: when, where and why I think I am being fooled

We will meet up at Flygarns Haga Friday the 26th around 19.00 (add yourself to the wiki page if you’re coming).

That was when and where. Onwards to my feelings on this

As a spokeperson for the geezers in Gothenburg (we have a society for geezers in Sweden) I feel I must point out that Flygarns used to be a cafe, where on could drink coffee, nothing else. No espressos, no cappucino… actually almost no anything. Anyhow, being reluctant to changes I feel a bit uneasy about this whole thing. Further more I am a bit afraid of my teetotaller reputation being spoilt (again).  No, I am not. I am just tired.

Come over to Flygarns, it’s going to be great!

Andreas Nilsson is coming

Kalle Persson is coming

Clemens Bus is coming

why not you?

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