cvs revisions – not the right way I think, but it works

I needed all revisions of a file stored in CVS. In bazaar and other newer VCS this is a non issue since all the revisions (history) can be found in your local checkout/branch.

Anyhow, I needed all revisions of a file, let’s call it Y. This is how I did it.


for i in $(cvs log $FILE | grep revision | awk ‘ { print $2 } ‘ | grep -v revisions) ; do  cvs update -r $i  $FILE ; cp $FILE ${FILE}.$i ; done

Again, perhaps not the right way. But it works.

FSCONS – laptop setup

To remove as many potential problems as possible for the upcoming FSCONS we pre installed 9 laptops and tested them on the projectors all around the IT Univ. Took a while. Especially to get xorg.conf right.We had to add a Virtual subsection to the Screen. The computers are old IBM/Lenovo T60.

Anyhow, here’s the Laptop setup team. The X team?

Patrik Willard eating Kebab … while I am working hard

Pontus Andersson

me ….. no further comments

Mattias ‘matmat’ Mattsson

FSCONS, FOSDEM …. looking forward to both

We are getting really close to FSCONS, a conference which I am co organising. In just eleven days we’re opening the doors. Wow. But as we’re getting closer I am beginning to realize that I will probably not be able to see any presentation at all. I will spend all the time running around making sure everything works as it should etc. Same as last year.

So in a way I am looking forward to FOSDEM. I can go to what ever presentation I want. I can skip a presentation and chat with some people instead. And go out for a nice dinner and don’t think about the next day.

But even if I miss every presentation, the whole FSCONS thing is going to be so fun.  Just as it was last year.