GNU Xnee auto coverage is almost there … but

No, don’t check in CVS. Everything is not there yet. Why did I post then? … b’cuz I wanted to.

Anyhow. The gnulib is now integrated in GNU Xnee‘s autotools Makefiles. Well, part of gnulib to be more precise. I wrote a small script that does everything needed (this is missing in CVS at the moment).

When having produced the coverage reports (currently here) I realise that about 80% of the test will not be possible to automate.

Since GNU Xnee itself is a tool to record and fake user actions under X11 it would be sub optimal to use a similar tool (using RECORD and XTest extensions). Instead GNU Xnee relies in swinput for testnig. Swinput is a small kernel (linux) module that opens up two devices (/dev/swmouse and /dev/swkeybd) and using these you can fake user input from kernel. When testing replaying we use a small program (GNU Xnee sources) called xgetter which can read the mouse pos and some other stuff. ….. get on with it. Ok, sorry!

It’s impossible to test GNU Xnee using swinput under Xvfb since the faked keyboard strokes and mouse actions will be ‘written’ to the console or some sort of DM (GDM, XDM, KDM,….).

Too bad …. need to think some more.

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