GNU Xnee, Xvfb and Xephyr …. and evdev?

In an attempt to automate (read cron) the Xnee tests using swinput I did the following:

  • Start Xvfb (Xvfb can’t read any keyboard and mouse)
  • Start Xephyr inside Xvfb (using evdev as input)
  • Attach the swinput devices to the Xephyr display only

Still the faked user input (mouse, keyboard) from swinput was ‘written’ to the console. Uh oh. Bad!

So, I will now with a new computer (with more than the 500MB of RAM I have on this) test Xnee in a sandbox, probably using qemu for both x86 and ppc. Doing this I should be able to:

  • Run every test case and report using the new coverage stuff in gnulib. All tests and builds can be done in x86 as well as ppc.
  • Verify that cross compilation to ppc works

Can’t wait….. but I have to.

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