Swedish journalist Daniel Levin about illegal file sharing

Daniel Levin talks about illegal filesharing in the Swedish newspaper GP (Swedish).

Daniel thinks we will see an end to the “piracy” and gives rather good arguments to support that. He ends the article with a little note on the new services, web based services, where you (the user) subscribe or by some other means pay for the content, which is good. .. until you do some more thinking.

Those services, again, put the control of the media in the hands of the middle man. Not in the hands of the “creator” or the user. When I buy music (yes, I do buy music!!!) I want to be in control. I want to be able to listen to the music I paid for in my portable ogg player, without being connected to the internet. Furthermore, using services where you use clients under a proprietary license you’re not only lacking control of the content but you’re also not in control of the software itself. What does the software do, apart from playing music? Does it spy on you? Does it send information about what you’re listening to to some central place somewhere?

…. I can see one good solution to this. One that benefits the artists and the users. If the artists themselves release their music under a free license in a free format and let people pay if they want. … and go out and play live in front of an audience.

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