Free Software Orange Juice event, April 15 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Hi all

 No, we're not going to produce orange juice. Instead it would (again)
be nice to meet other free software folks. And to do this over some kind
of beverage, e g orange juice.

 This time we propose to focus and talk about a bit on FSCONS. Yup, it's
time to kick start FSCONS. And what can be better than meeting
a lot of people and, well... talk.

 An important note: all decisions regarding the content of the free
software track at FSCONS are made publicly on the wiki[1] ... this means
that on the meeting April 15 we're going to discuss and propose stuff.
No decisions will be made.

... so, lets's meet at Delirium[2] in Gothenburg, April 15, 19.00

 Everyone is welcome :)


[2] Delirium Café
    Kronhusgatan 2B
    411 13 Göteborg
    Tel. 031-13 60 70

This post is based on an email:
and the Swedish version:

Chalmers Magasine about FSCONS (online)

Chalmers Magasine has written about FSCONS. Being high time to implement plans for this year’s conference I blog this to get you all in shape for working your XXX off one more year.

Page 12-14 in the pdf

… and please read the comic at the end. Johan Wanloo is one of the funniest comic writers ever. Yup, I really mean ever.

Really should have seen this pdf a while ago. Last I time I checked the number wasn’t online. It is now. So here’s some reading (Swedish).


… btw, Jonas Öberg and I together with Lennert Gullbrandsson (Wikimedia Sverige) are planning some kind of FSCONS brainstorming evening at some time not so far away from here.

More gnupg docs …. and bzr access offered

Uploaded a couple of more docs. Already got a couple of bug reports (thanks a lot!), will update ’em later tonite.

Uploaded: Keysigning Party Howto

The sources in the VCS are currently not open for everyone. No, that doesn’t mean I break GFDL or whatever license. For every release I upload at I also upload a tar ball of the sources.

Do you need bzr access, just send me an email 🙂

GPG Minihowto in Swedish uploaded

Just compiled (to pdf, html) and uploaded Swedish versions of the GnuPG Minihowto. This is part of a project sponsored by .SE where translations of GnuPG documents shall be made. It should have been finished a loooong while ago, anyhow it’s about time upload them docs (incl src).

Start looking here:… will upload more docs as quick as I can.

…. today’s version of the minihowto can be found here:

IIS, thanks for being patient. Stian, thanks for helping me out 🙂

I don’t believe in ghosts. Not for a second actually. So this blog post may seem a bit contradicting in two ways:

  1. I blog in English about a Swedish document
  2. This translation project feels as if it’s been haunted. So many things have happened along the road. Hope there’s no more surprises lurking round the corner….

Liverpuddlians unite!

We are proud to announce the start of a new organisation dedicated to football and free software.


GLO – Gothenburg Liverpool Organisation

GLO – Gothenburg GNU/Linux organisation

Depending on the mood we’re in and in what context the member is currently in, we may use any of the two different meanings of the acronym.

To join the organisation, you must:

  • be a Free Software supporter
  • be a Liverpool FC supporter
  • live in Gothenburg

GLO’s first meeting ever is held at Plain Kitchen in Gothenburg March 10, 20.00

Sweden today – surveillance society

took the tram down town yesterday to team up with some old friends for dinner. At the tram I saw this nasty picture

Yup, the vehicle had a camera installed for surveillance.

Since it was a cold night and I didn’t want to freeze my poor head off I had my hood over my head. When entering the tram I didn’t take the hood off, because of the camera.

Does this make me more suspicious?

… the whole situation is a bit absurd. More cameras solve nothing.