Free Software Orange Juice event, April 15 in Gothenburg, Sweden

Hi all

 No, we're not going to produce orange juice. Instead it would (again)
be nice to meet other free software folks. And to do this over some kind
of beverage, e g orange juice.

 This time we propose to focus and talk about a bit on FSCONS. Yup, it's
time to kick start FSCONS. And what can be better than meeting
a lot of people and, well... talk.

 An important note: all decisions regarding the content of the free
software track at FSCONS are made publicly on the wiki[1] ... this means
that on the meeting April 15 we're going to discuss and propose stuff.
No decisions will be made.

... so, lets's meet at Delirium[2] in Gothenburg, April 15, 19.00

 Everyone is welcome :)


[2] Delirium Café
    Kronhusgatan 2B
    411 13 Göteborg
    Tel. 031-13 60 70

This post is based on an email:
and the Swedish version:

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