Nordic Free Software Award – nomination is open

The nominating period for The Nordic Free Software Award begins May 1.

Send an email to “” with the following information:

Name of nominee

Description/Bio of the nominee

Motivation for the award

Description of accomplishments

About the award:

The Nordic Free Software Award given to people, projects or organisations in the Nordic countries that have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of Free Software.

Previous year’s awards:

The award committee of FSCONS is currently looking for people willing to participate as jury members for the Nordic Free Software Award 2009. If you wish to be considered a jury member, please submit a request to including name, organisation, credentials and a short letter of motivation.

GNU Xnee 3.03 ready, is X.Org version: 1.6.0??

When executing GNU Xnee under

name of display:    :0.0
version number:    11.0
vendor string:    The X.Org Foundation
vendor release number:    10402000
X.Org version: 1.4.2

everything is OK. …. but when I run cnee under

name of display:    :0.0
version number:    11.0
vendor string:    The X.Org Foundation
vendor release number:    10600000
X.Org version: 1.6.0

it crashes. Seems as if there something strange going on in XRecordEnableContextAsync in the latest release.

Will halt Xnee 3.03 for a short while just to make sure.

Presentations of Erik Josefsson and Pontus Nyman for Idépriset '09

Copy/Paste from:

on wednesday the 29th (next week) at 14.00, I have invited Erik Josefsson (v) and Pontus Nyman to the IT University in Gothenburg for a mini-presentation of two interesting projects.

Erik and Pontus were two of the winners of Idépriset ’09 organised by Föreningen fri kultur och programvara, and they are invited to talk about the projects with which they won.

As you might know, Erik has been involved in the debate around software patents, IPRED, ACTA, etc for a long time and also been the European coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. His project “aims to collect and analyse patents and related patent information in order to foster a concrete renewal of Swedish and European procurement with the aim to cool down the overheated patent system and create the pre-requisites for new innovation systems.”

Pontus Nyman will talk about his project “Feeding Frenzy”: Feeding Frenzy is a web based syndication service for text feeds. It does not only distribute the original text, but also uses cut-up and other transformation methods to change the content. Feeding Frenzy in this way uncovers hidden aspects in texts and news feeds. It is a subversive hacking tool against language, against control instances — a vaccination and life elixir for the fighting forces in the periphery. Feeding Frenzy is a forceful tool in the hands of stock market analysts and language materialists alike, for conspiratory theoreticians, day dreamers and writers blocked authors. It is a transformation of words, from the murmur of feeds to art.

Indoctrination is working – the kids are alright

Being father of three, I’ve given quite some thoughts about indoctrination. It’s easy to see how easy it is to program kids, we’re only animals after all.

To avoid my kids to be indocrinated by my views I try as a hard as possible to make them think by them selves. Answering “Yes or No” or “True or False” has implications. So I usually answer “depends on” etc. After all, it’s not as if there’s one true evil and one true good party in the middle east conflict. This is something to think about when you read an article about the Middle east. If the article is 10 sentences long, chances are they’re missing something 😉

Anyhow, being a person usually bragging about my own achievements I must stand up and admit a failure. And also say I am very proud.

All three daughters are now asking me to put on the album Dr John’s “In the right place”. They’re singing along. Especially the song “Life”. One of the daughters even requested to have the CD in her room. She’s playing it all the time. The album was listed among my Top 10 albums a while ago.

Guess this proves indoctrination works.

Our house in the middle … but not in openstreetmap

Just tried to find the house where my family and I live. Turned out that one side of the street is beatifully covered in OpenStreetMap, but the other side isn’t. And of course I live in the uninvestigated territory. This may sound cool, and indeed it is, since now I can start up yet another project. Cover the entire Växelmyntsgatan in Göteborg (Sweden).

Anyone into OpenStreetMap who lives nearby?

Univ Course: Advanced Free Software Tools

Advanced Free Software Tools prepares you, theoretically and practically, for working in a distributed FLOSS development environment.

So, if you want to learn about motivation behind FLOSS, basics of copyright and other legal concepts, licensing, code evaluation, code coverage, profiling, coding practices, development infrastructure, release management, version control, test environments, communication with projects and developers … and much more?

Send an email to to get more information