Presentations of Erik Josefsson and Pontus Nyman for Idépriset '09

Copy/Paste from:

on wednesday the 29th (next week) at 14.00, I have invited Erik Josefsson (v) and Pontus Nyman to the IT University in Gothenburg for a mini-presentation of two interesting projects.

Erik and Pontus were two of the winners of Idépriset ’09 organised by Föreningen fri kultur och programvara, and they are invited to talk about the projects with which they won.

As you might know, Erik has been involved in the debate around software patents, IPRED, ACTA, etc for a long time and also been the European coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. His project “aims to collect and analyse patents and related patent information in order to foster a concrete renewal of Swedish and European procurement with the aim to cool down the overheated patent system and create the pre-requisites for new innovation systems.”

Pontus Nyman will talk about his project “Feeding Frenzy”: Feeding Frenzy is a web based syndication service for text feeds. It does not only distribute the original text, but also uses cut-up and other transformation methods to change the content. Feeding Frenzy in this way uncovers hidden aspects in texts and news feeds. It is a subversive hacking tool against language, against control instances — a vaccination and life elixir for the fighting forces in the periphery. Feeding Frenzy is a forceful tool in the hands of stock market analysts and language materialists alike, for conspiratory theoreticians, day dreamers and writers blocked authors. It is a transformation of words, from the murmur of feeds to art.

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