Embedded project at IT Univ, fini

I’ve had the pleasure to be the supervisor for the 2nd year students at IT University in Gothenburg. The students decided early on to build a Mars lander, using LEGO.

I will not spend too much time on elaborating on that but I got a couple of links from the demo and a video that I want people to see. I think that the video and the photos pretty much captures the work they did. Oh yeah, and what’s best, I am in the video. The skinny bearded man that tries to hide (and fails) from the camera.

Here’s the video: http://animoto.com/play/F1xXwDkjRZSGeMEh1qkQCg

Photos: http://camera.ituniv.org/gallery/?album=1&gallery=12

After the examination (of the students above) I will focus on the Advanced Free Software Tools (temp info available here and here). Hopefully I will see a few of them again. We have some pretty interesting projects going on with a municipality near Gothenburg that I am looking forward to start working on with the students in the course.

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