Introducing bitter (stripped down twitter)

No, I don’t have any LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, …. wha-eva account. I am just a simple geezer after all.

So in order not to be totally left behind I decided to implement the next tool for the web. It’s easy to use, easy to understand, stores no crappy info. As a matter of fact it only stores binary information about you with

0 meaning sad and

1 meaning happy

Some will probably call it a tool for Web 0.5, but they’re simply wrong. It’s not a thing of the past. Nor is it a thing of the future, because it is already here:


Oh yes, and about the name. The name was choosen for the the following reasons:

  1. sounds a bit like twitter
  2. i am bitter
  3. and it stores only binary information about your current mode

So to all you folks out there. Let’s be bitter. Really really bitter. And bitter about it.

… and yes, there’s a pimped up version (still bitter) as well:


Anyone wants to join the bitter train and help developing the software even more?

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