fnoss.org – next step

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hi all,

 fnoss.org has been running for a while now. For some of us it has been
the main source for news about the Free Software situation in the Nordic

 Here is some stuff that would be great to get some input on:

 * Language specific sections
   One plan is to make, for example, a Norwegian section with a bit
broader scope of bloggers.... and in the Norwegian languages only.

   Given that we have some languages that crosses national borders, e g
Sami, the country division may not be optimal so we propose language

   This also implies that the main site (fnoss.org) will be in english
only. Bloggers who blogs in english and another language may have to be
forced to use a "fnoss-en" tag of some kind to get to the main site.

   Example: http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-rss/

 * Mailing lists, Twitter feeds

   We've added some software to scrape Mailing lists and include twitter
feeds and turn them into rss.

   Future plans: forum, ...... any ideas

 * New pages and a new interface

   The pages/new interface are
    1. Mailing lists  - from ML only
    2. Blogs - from blogs
    3. Twitter - from twitter
    4. All feeds in one  (1, 2 and 3)
    5. All feeds (as 4.) with a new layout

   Examples (beta versions (Swedish mainly)):
    1. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-ml/
    2. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-rss/
    3. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-twitter/
    4. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss/
    5. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss/template_test/