Nordic Free Software Award 2009

For one more month (until October 25) you can nominate a person, a project or an organisation for the Nordic Free Software Award.

Send an email to “award at” with the following information:

  • Name of nominee
  • Description/Bio of the nominee
  • Motivation for the award
  • Description of accomplishments

The Nordic Free Software Award given to people, projects or organisations in the Nordic countries that have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of Free Software. The award will be announced during FSCONS 2009 in Gothenburg.

Original email:

You got to love Noam Chomsky

Briefed through the article Crisis and Hope by Noam Chomsky published in Boston Review.  While reading I saw this lovely piece of text:

If I want to get home from work, the market offers me a choice between a Ford and a Toyota, but not between a car and a subway. That is a social decision.