Congrats Darwin

150 years ago (today) the book On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin was published.

For more information on modern evolution, go to the wikipedia site: or Lenksi’s (Richard E. Lenski Hannah Distinguished Professor Michigan State University) site

Or check out the latest book by Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth

List of nominated for Nordic Free Software Award published.

On you can read about the nominated persons/projects for the Nordic Free Software Award.

List of nominated 2009

  • Qt development team
  • Simon Josefsson
  • Daniel Stenberg
  • Henrik Nordström
  • Björn Stenberg
  • Andreas Nilsson
  • Varnish
  • Ask Bjørn Hansen
  • Knut Yrvin
  • Jari “Rakshasa” Sundell
  • The award will be presented at FSCONS

    GNU Hackers Meeting and FSCONS

    I fell better this year then any of the two previous years. It’s not only that Jonas Öberg is in charge of FSCONS even though that fact surely adds to the feeling. Sooo many people (if I name one I risk forgetting someone so to all of you, love you!) have done an extreme amount of hard work previous years. The work have been awesome and we can now see the results, e. g we don’t need to spend as much energy on promoting the conference as before. We’ve learned a lot from our (mainly my) mistakes. So thanks to everyone ever involved.

    I remember talking to one of the FOSDEM organiser on the Beer event at last year’s FOSDEM. He seemed to be very much OK, but a bit confused. I guess that’s where I am heading in a few days. Land of confusion (as if I ever left that land). He gave me some tickets to get me some beers. So all organisers of Free Software conferences if you’re coming to FSCONS, come over to me (skinny, bearded, tall look confused) and you’ll get beers in return. … just starting a conference next year doesn’t count.

    Anyhow, the main reason I feel so much better is that I will attend this years GNU Hackers Meeting, which is held the days before FSCONS at the same venue: ITUniv. It’s going to be great to see some “old” faces and some new. …. and finally I can pay back Simon Josefsson the lunch I ‘forced’ him to pay for me at FOSDEM.

    … all in all, it’s gonna be great

    Henry Rollins in February 2010 … YES!

    2 years ago (well almost) I went to see Henry Rollins, and even blogged about it.

    He is and has been since the 80’s  a true source of inspiration for me. Many times I’ve sung his songs in my head or screamed them out load just to ‘recover’ myself. I can’t say I agree to everything he says. Far from it, but his energy and commitment. Wow.  If you’re in Gothenburg or somewhere else and have a chance to see Henry. GO SEE HIM!! … think he’s got more muscles on one of his arms than I have in total.

    There are of course other people that have meant a lot to me. Tom Petty, Will Oldham, Richard Dawkins, Suicidal Tendencies to name but a few … more on that some fine day.