Henry Rollins in February 2010 … YES!

2 years ago (well almost) I went to see Henry Rollins, and even blogged about it.

He is and has been since the 80’s  a true source of inspiration for me. Many times I’ve sung his songs in my head or screamed them out load just to ‘recover’ myself. I can’t say I agree to everything he says. Far from it, but his energy and commitment. Wow.  If you’re in Gothenburg or somewhere else and have a chance to see Henry. GO SEE HIM!! … think he’s got more muscles on one of his arms than I have in total.

There are of course other people that have meant a lot to me. Tom Petty, Will Oldham, Richard Dawkins, Suicidal Tendencies to name but a few … more on that some fine day.

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