libarduino – hacked it a bit

Found a lib the other day that can be used instead of the Arduino IDE. The library is called libarduino.  Using the lib means I can switch entirely to using C when teaching embedded at Gothenburg University/IT University. Only real problem was that the library really wasn’t prepared for producing a stand alone library or for being installed and will therefor not be that easy to use for the students. So I started hacking the makefiles to solve the problems. And now I have a libarduino that creates a static archive (library) and can be installed for later use by other programs (linking the libarduino library (libarduino.a)).

Cool thing is that the makefile for the new program becomes really small. For a new program, do a Makefile looking something like this:

include <your path>/libarduino/

… and you can now do (among other things)


make install

the last target install the application to your arduino.

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