Speaking about free software in Huskvarna (Sweden), but missed Stockholm

Since we’ve been experiencing the most snow for many many years in Sweden the trains and the tubes don’t seem to be on schedule. And add to that the presentation in Huskvarna (see below) tomorrow it didn’t take much to convince my self and the others (Johan Thelin, Jonas Öberg and Jeremiah Foster) to bail out of the foss-sthlm meeting. Would have been great to see Simon Josefson (he couldn’t come to FOSDEM) and finally buy him the dinner I still owe him.  ….. which reminds me of that ams all of a sudden claims he owes me a dinner. Strange days indeed 😉

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in Huskvarna about free software. It’s a bit of a tailor made presentation which has been very fun to elaborate on during the last weeks. I’ve made some new friends through this presentation so even before it feels great. Here’s the invitation.

I will speak a bit about the history of free software, GNU, copyright/copyleft, licenses, project management and motivation in the community and bridge to the next speaker (Jeremiah (see above)) by talking a bit about Moblin and Maemo … and yes, Meego.

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