Restarting life (and GNU Xnee)

Having had a very tough period behind me (well, some work remains so the weekend will be spent catching up) I am now in a position which I started aiming at some years ago (yes, it’s true). Sounds like big words. It is and it isn’t. Eh?

What is great is…

that I am embarking on a software project together with two other great humans (in Gothenburg). The software is based on an idea I got several years ago. When I met with these two, the idea really was turned into something really cool and we think it has a great potential.  More on this project an other day, we’ll stay low for a while

FSCONS is being planned. I will focus more on an embedded part this year. It’s gonna rock!

Furthermore, I am catching up on my todo list, which have been incredibly big (GNU Xnee is still on the list, and needs a lot of attention and is gonna get top prio).

But wait, there’s more…. Being a teacher and meeting great and inspiring students (friends) are totally awesome.

And finally my colleague and I just finalised the planning of a panel debate. During the planning I’ve met people who, with their insights and feedback, really made all the efforts worthwhile. More on the debate later..

So in short, this blog post is simply saying

I am on track again

……. ready to start putting things on top of other things

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