GNU Xnee 3.06 ('Dio') released

We are pleased to announce the availability of GNU Xnee 3.06 ('Dio')

GNU Xnee is a suite of programs that can record, replay and distribute
user actions under the X11 environment. Think of it as a robot that can
imitate the job you just did. GNU Xnee can be used to:
    Automate tests
    Demonstrate programs
    Distribute actions
    Record and replay 'macro'
    Retype the content of a file

Getting the Software

or one of the mirror sites as found in:



        809144464 1598910

New in this release

   * New logo:

   * Build changes:
       configure bails out when building any gui
       and no pkg-config installed

   * Test changes:
       Separated tests:
       * make check  - does not need an X server to connect to
       * make xcheck - needs an X server to connect to

   * Fixed bugs as reported on
       "crash in xnee_key2string when verbose"
       "cnee causing segfault"

   * New options:

   * Options that didn't make it: (added and removed since last 3.05)

2 responses to “GNU Xnee 3.06 ('Dio') released

    • This was my way of saying thanks to a human being who has had an impact on me.

      Long live rock ‘n’ roll!

      I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the naming. Perhaps make a post explaining the name of the release!

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