GNU Xnee can replay on Maemo / N900

Last week I got a N900 from Pelagicore to make sure GNU Xnee executes on the device. And as soon as Xnee is verified to work on the N900, we can start testing the work done in Xnee to support X Input Extension input devices.

Last Friday I tested Xnee on the N900, by logging in to my development computer (x86) from the N900, using ssh -X. It didn’t work. Since I didn’t know where the problem lied, Xnee or the X server or perhaps the ssh client/server,  I decided to natively build Xnee for N900…. but when to do that?

Today, I finally had some spare time to hack on Xnee and N900. First thing, set up scratchbox. It was great getting to know scratchbox. After scratchbox was installed there was nothing hindering me … or was it?

It took an hour to play around with some new ./configure options, change the autotools config files, add some #define and to add some libs to the linker in order to get an executable cnee for the Maemo device. The compilation worked well (after a while), so I continued with testing cnee on the device.

* Record: does not work

* Replay: works

* Retype: works

so I guess it’s time to dive down into the X server shipped with the device to figure out what’s wrong with RECORD extension in the N900 X server. More info to come….

Thanks Pelagicore for the N900

6 responses to “GNU Xnee can replay on Maemo / N900

  1. Hi,
    Great to hear that you are able run Xnee on N900. I have tried earlier, but I am not able to make it run.

    It would be great if you can send me configuration & which libraries to include to my email id .at. with @)


  2. Does Xnee work?
    I have a bit of problem with recording 😦 … and I do need to go through some patches and fix some bugs before 😦

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