xswine: new program for the GNU Xnee suite

I been writing a small program, xswine, that can take a recorded GNU Xnee session file and replay that to swinput . Swinput had its share of changes and a new swinput release will see the light of day any day. The difference betwen replaying using swinput compared to replaying using Xnee itself is that swinput fakes the device events from the kernel and Xnee fakes at X11 level using XTest.

There’s a some questions that need to be solved before a proper xswine release, such as:

  • how to map the device id as recorded from X Input Extension to the “correct” input device as presented by swinput
  • timing – what do we do when we drift away from the start time, but want to keep the recorded diff between events

Currently there’s not much of the recorded X11 events that can be replayed. Here’s the current list:

  • X11 motion event – no
  • X11 button event – no
  • X11 key event – no
  • X Input device motion event – yes!!!
  • X Input device button event – no
  • X Input device key event – no

This means xswine can replay (using the kernel) recorded Multi-touch events!

But if that’s all xswine can do do, why do I bother writing a blog entry. Two reasons:

  1. nobody reads my blog…so nobody will complain about this blog post
  2. I want to “claim” the name xswine

So, what does xswine mean?

X – is for Xnee

swin – is for Swinput

e – dear reader of this blog (just claimed I had zero readers!), help me out … what should e stand for?

If you compile GNU Xnee and swinput (and install) from CVS HEAD you should be able to do:

sudo modprobe swmouse devs=4 && sudo chmod a+rwx /dev/swmouse*
./cnee/src/cnee --record --mouse -o whoa-mule.xns
cat whoa-mule.xns | ./xswine/xswine

5 responses to “xswine: new program for the GNU Xnee suite

  1. enactment? 🙂 or you’ll have to invent something similar to a silent acronym! “What does the ‘e’ stand for?” “The ‘e’ is silent!”

  2. echo (as in output/repetition)
    educe (deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning))
    effigy (a model or other object which represents someone, especially one of a hated person which is hung or burnt in a public place – Session files, how I loathe you!)
    effulgence ()

  3. ejection

    ..think I prefer enactment from vesz though 🙂

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