Call for testers: Xnee 3.06.96 (in prep for 3.07)

 Support for X Input* has been added to GNU Xnee. Tests have been performed on:
     Debian Lenny
     Ubuntu 10.04
     Mameo , N900
and things (finally) seems to be working.

... unpack and build:
tar zxvf /home/hesa/gnu/xnee/xnee-3.06.96.tar.gz
cd xnee-3.06.96/
./configure --disable-gui --disable-gnome-applet --enable-xinput2 && make

Before releasing 3.07 it would be great to have some more tests done on other environments. If you can, here's some test cases:

    ./cnee/src/cnee --record --mouse --keyboard -o test-xi.xns -sk q
Move mouse, press and release some keys, ... stop recording by pressing q
Test case 1 "XI Replay":
    ./cnee/src/cnee --replay -f test-xi.xns
Test case 2 "Core Replay":
    ./cnee/src/cnee --replay -f test-xi.xns  --force-core-replay
Send feedback to  (or to me and I'll compile and anonymize your report and forward it to the list)
*) Multi-touch, multiple input devices ....

2 responses to “Call for testers: Xnee 3.06.96 (in prep for 3.07)

  1. Pleased to be your tester 😀
    I had error 5 once, but it worked perfect all the next 6 times i tried, so i can’t say what had fail.
    I’ll start working with it, if I had any issue I’ll write to you.
    Please, make me know if there’s another version or where can i follow the new releases.
    Thank you.

    • thanks 🙂

      I just released 3.07 and will take things from there. If you’re interested in helping out more, just send me an email: hesa _A_T_

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