Workshop: Scripting with bash

Today at IT University (Gothenburg, Sweden) I will do a workshop on scripting with bash. This workshop is the first (beta) of a series of planned workshops organised by  FSCONS and FFKP. More information here:

Invitation text:

Today there will be a workshop in the square of the 2nd year students. The workshop introduce you to scripting, using bash.

When:    April 6, 16.00 – 18.00
Where:   IT University, Building Patricia, floor 4, 2nd year square
Registration: None – just show up

During the workshop, aimed at helping the “embedded project” with setting up automated tests, we will go through:

* hello world
* redirect
* checking return values
* remote commands (with ssh)
* checking out (branching) code under version control
* pipes
* catching output from a program
* making the script run every night (or hour?)
* using settings
* parsing command line options
* writing functions
* evaluating expression
* test if (directory or file exists…)
* writing to a log file
* ….. and much more

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