OS and IDE stats from Embedded project at Chalmers / Gothenburg University

As most of the previous years we’ve collected some facts on software tool usage from the students during the oral exam of the project Industrial IT and Embedded Systems at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University.

Question 1. What was your primary IDE/Editor when developing code?

Gedit 22
Emacs and clones 21
Qt Creator 6
Rest 12

Question 2. What was your primary OS when developing code?

Ubuntu 42
Windows 9
Mac 7
Fedora 2

Question 3. What was your primary OS when not developing (write documents)?

Ubuntu 13
Windows 39
Mac 8
Fedora 2

4 responses to “OS and IDE stats from Embedded project at Chalmers / Gothenburg University

  1. Nice stats, not really surprised to see that so many jumped between windows and ubuntu for different tasks (writing/developing).

    Makes me wonder about the primary reason for going back to Windows is for during the project work? Obviously students (in our year and in this year) seem more confident in developing the code in a GNU/Linux environment rather than in an environment built around Cygwin and clones.

    Maybe for the next iteration you should ask what application the students use for document writing? If they use Open/LibreOffice, Microsofts suite or .

    If they are focused around the open versions it might make it unnecessary for students to feel the need to reboot during project time and the students could get a more continous work-process (shame on me for using the p-word).

    PS. Also nice to see 2 Fedoras in there. DS.

    • Fact is that not all “moved back” to win, but they moved away from their primary OS to do docs. A bit strange I guess. When it comes to cygwin I fully agree.

      Hmmm …. I wondered why I didn’t bother to check that. I really should have 😦

      On Fedora: My main OS is (and have been sine 1999) Debian GNU/Linux. …. but I have a partition on my laptop with Fedora for devel purposes. It rocks.

  2. So one of the mac users is using something else than macos to develop? That’s rather strange to me. At least more than using Windows to do “other” and then Ubuntu for the development.

    • I think this is caused by the devel environment. The target is mainly Arduino (Mega and Uno) and the instructions on how to get things working was better under GNU/Linux. One of the students turned parts of the Arduino stuff into a library so they used gcc (avr) and Makefiles.

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