Thunderbird: where’s the fullscreen mode?

On the computer I am currently using the resolution is 1024×600. The width is ok, but the height really requires applications to “behave”. I am using GNOME (since early 2000 something) and Thunderbird. I dare not switch to other softwares since I fear the wrath of Andreas Nilsson (GNOME, Mozilla).

Anyhow, since GNOME is stealing a lot of pixels from me (panels) and Thunderbird does a good job at stealing pixels too I could really do with a full screen mode.

So please Thunderbird developers, Andreas in particular, gimme a full screen mode for Thunderbird.

2 responses to “Thunderbird: where’s the fullscreen mode?

  1. This is why I got a 1366 x 768 netbook 😉

    Seriously though, I can’t understand why all modern screens are wide (not to mention glossy). For everything except watching movies, height is more useful than width.

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