Searduino 0.47.93 (prep for 0.5)

Searduino is:
* C libraries for Arduino (from the Arduino sources)
* Python scripting interface to test your Arduino programs locally
* GUI simulator (written in Python) to test your Arduino programs locally
* stream simulator (written in C) with which you can “talk” with your Arduino program (locally)
* Makefiles to ease up development and uploading for Arduino boards. All from the command line
* Currently supports: Uno, Due and Mega and basic Digital in/out on GNU/Linux


New stuff since 0.47

Fixed Savannah bugs:
#35978  MAIN_SRC SRC_C confusion
#35977  Translate Arduino examples script minor bugs
#35976  Find a better way to look for Python stuff in configure
#35975  Error/warning msg when configuring
#35974  Problems with script to translate Arduino examples
#35973  exit on failure in
#35871  Example has file faulty include statement
#35965  Run time path into binaries
#35982  Don’t fetch Arduino sources if already there
#35873  Searduino can not create SHLIBs propoerly on x86_64
#35964  Code for Arduino HW can not use SEARDUINO_LOOP
#35980  Add option to set the number of pins
#35963  Generated examples (arduino-ex2c) miss init();
#35979  Fixes for manual
#35983  Inclue Arduino examples in dists
#35976  Find a better way to look for Python stuff in configure
#35870  Built in example code fails to load in Pardon
#35872  Example misses info on how to execute program
#35991  Converted example includes setup instead of searduno.h
#35990  PROG not set when converting arduino ex to C code

Fixed Savannah tasks:
#11900  Move “sleep” code from examples to stubs
#11948  Test code to test bin releases
#11921  Add examples on how to check (and use) binary dist

* Arduino examples included
* Searduino can translate from Arduino example to C code
that can be built by Searduino
* Helper functions (macros) added for the Arduino boards


Source code dist:

Binary dist for GNU/Linux i686:

Binary dist for GNU/Linux x86_64:


Searduino 0.47 is out

Finally! The new Searduino makes it easy to use Searduino. Manual is up to date, even though we’re planning a new manual release to happen any day, so it should be possible to get started using Searduino really quickly.

This release will be used as a basis for a coming workshop and given the experiences from that we will release 0.5

  • build and upload plain C code for Arduino boards
  • run your arduino code locally on your computer
  • run your arduino code in a simulator (GUI or CLI)
  • write your test cases in C or Python

Get Searduino 0.47 here:

All features in Arduino are not implemented in Searduino yet. Here’s the compatibility page: