OS and IDE stats from 2012 Embedded project at Chalmers / Gothenburg University

For the third (fourth?) year we’ve collected some facts on software tool usage from the students during the oral exam of the project Industrial IT and Embedded Systems at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University.

Question 1. What was your primary IDE/Editor when developing code?

Gedit 15
Eclipse 12
GNU Emacs & clones 21
Notepad++ 6
Vi 1
Xcode 3
Genie 1
Visual Studio 2
Intellij 1
Notepad 1

Question 2. What was your primary OS when developing code?

Windows 17
Mac 11
GNU/Linux 48

The above lumps together all GNU/Linux distributions. Looking separately at the these we get:

Fedora 1
Ubuntu 40
Mint 6
Gentoo 1

Question 3. What was your primary OS when not developing (write documents)?

Windows 38
Mac 12
GNU/Linux 26