Searduino needs a gui

Do you want to write a gui front-end to Searduino?


About Searduino:

Searduino is made to ease and speed up development for the Arduino boards. In short, with Searduino you get

  • C/C++ interface – use C/C++ to program your Arduino boards
  • Makefiles – easy to use Makefiles for inclusion in your project
  • Stand alone program – build your Arduino code to run on your local computer instead
  • Simulator – run your Arduino code in a simulator to test it
  • Simulation API – write your own test cases in C/C++
  • Python simulation API – write your tests in Python
  • Arduino example (to C/C++) translation

About the gui

In a way searduino has a gui – We have been developing a gui written Python (pygtk) to make sure we write the underlying library in a way that makes it easy to develop a real gui. So there is a gui but no proper one. Anyhow, here’s a snapshot of the (non proper) Python gui:

Searduino's simulator GUI - written in PyGtk


We believe that the gui needs to be written in C/C++ and using a thread safe graphical toolkit. The speed which which the callbacks call the gui require as short path as possible from the source to the handler and as already mentioned that the toolkit is thread safe (the Arduin ocode is executed in a thread). There is however a threshold for max updates per second which can be used but we still believe that C/C++ is the best way – but don’t hesitate to contact us (see email address below) if you believe differently.

Want to join?

If you like creating guis and want to help out on Searduino – send an email to hesa -at-

Btw: the python gui was also used to test Searduino’s Python extension


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