My vinyl player is finally back where it should be

Just put back my vinyl player in place beside the amplifier. My CDs and a computer has been providing me with music for the last couple of years. I have been missing my albums from time to time, but most of my albums I have on CD as well. So I guess I also have missed the feeling of putting on an album on the player, switch on 33rpms and put the needle in position.

The last time I really missed my vinyl player, and when I decided it’s about time to bring it back home, was right after a Thurston Moore concert[1] this summer – after the concert was over I wanted to listen my old Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore solo and Free Kitten albums but realised I “only” had them on vinyl.

And today when helping my mom and dad with moving some garden furniture  I stumbled across my old Daydream nation vinyl (I have two vinyl and one CD of that album) and all other albums I had stored at their place last time my family and I moved. I also quickly found my vinyl player (Thorens). Yes! I brought the player and some 30 albums. Back home I plugged the player in and went through the 30 albums I brought with me. Which one to choose? It felt important to pick the right….

Monster MagnetSpine of god’Sonic YouthDaydream nation‘, Tom WaitsBlue Valentine‘,  Free KittenUnboxed‘ ….

I ended up with a classic album. An album which has mean a lot to me.

Suicidal Tendencies ‘Suicidal Tendencies

ImageThis is the cover art for the album Suicidal Tendencies by the artist Suicidal Tendencies. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the label, Frontier, or the graphic artist(s). Read more here:

[1].. and by the way. I took some photos during the Thurston Moore concert mentioned above. You can find them on flickr.

(c) Henrik Sandklef

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