GNU Xnee 3.15 (‘Shankar’) released

We are pleased to announce the availability of GNU Xnee 3.15

GNU Xnee is a suite of programs that can record, replay and distribute
user actions under the X11 environment. Think of it as a robot that can
imitate the job you just did. GNU Xnee can be used to:
    Automate tests
    Demonstrate programs
    Distribute actions
    Record and replay 'macro'
    Retype the content of a file

Getting the Software

or one of the mirror sites as found in:


    32c8ac9f354741f03d7736383599984e  xnee-3.15.tar.gz

    3996773279 1776676 xnee-3.15.tar.gz

New in this release

  * Fixed bugs:

      bug #36662: 2 extra lines, not really needed, printed to recorded log files
      bug #37895: pnee/data/ file missing in 3.14 tarball?

      xnee patch for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Why 'Shankar'?
 In December 2012 Ravi Shankar passed away. This is a way to pay tribute.



3 responses to “GNU Xnee 3.15 (‘Shankar’) released

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  2. Is there any documentation or tutorials on how to use xnee? As it stands, this software is practically un-useable because there is no documentation whatsoever, anywhere.

  3. Where did you look?

    There is a manual included in the dist (formats: html, pdf, txt ans ps). Doing “cnee –help” should get you started. However I added the manual to the worpress blog:

    Click to access xnee.pdf

    I will look into this. Thanks for your comment!!!

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