Name: Henrik Sandklef

email: hesa -=at=- sandklef.com

Mobile: +46 (0)700 909363 (new number since 2013)

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Marital state: Married, three kids

GnuPG key:


  • License compliance
  • Software development
    • Bash
    • C
    • Java
    • Linux och GNU
    • Embedded (Linux) and real-time
    • Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat och Fedora

Job: I work a consultant (programmer) through my own company

Sandklef GNU Labs and have previously worked for Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology and at Morus Konsult AB  … and I work as . I volunteer for FSFE (FSF Europe) , GNU project, FFKP,

Softwares: GNU Xnee, xrebind, swinput,  Searduino

Projects: FSCONS (not anymore)


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