FSCONS – do you want to present something

Do you want to present something at FSCONS? File a proposal here: http://wiki.fscons.org/page/Call_for_participation_2010 When looking at the submissions so far I can say it’s going to be a great conference this year too. We are in contact with some really skilled hackers and just a few details away from getting them to come over 🙂

Speaking about free software in Huskvarna (Sweden), but missed Stockholm

Since we’ve been experiencing the most snow for many many years in Sweden the trains and the tubes don’t seem to be on schedule. And add to that the presentation in Huskvarna (see below) tomorrow it didn’t take much to convince my self and the others (Johan Thelin, Jonas Öberg and Jeremiah Foster) to bail out of the foss-sthlm meeting. Would have been great to see Simon Josefson (he couldn’t come to FOSDEM) and finally buy him the dinner I still owe him.  ….. which reminds me of that ams all of a sudden claims he owes me a dinner. Strange days indeed 😉

Tomorrow I’ll be speaking in Huskvarna about free software. It’s a bit of a tailor made presentation which has been very fun to elaborate on during the last weeks. I’ve made some new friends through this presentation so even before it feels great. Here’s the invitation.

I will speak a bit about the history of free software, GNU, copyright/copyleft, licenses, project management and motivation in the community and bridge to the next speaker (Jeremiah (see above)) by talking a bit about Moblin and Maemo … and yes, Meego.

FOSDEM – here we go

… having finished a hectic period I must say that leaving for FOSDEM tomorrow morning feels great. I will team up with Daniel Stenberg, Magnus Hagander and of course some GNUs, I know that some of the people at last year’s GNU Hackers Meeting (held the days before FSCONS) will come over to FOSDEM as well :). Going to be great meeting Brian Gough and Jose E. Marchesi while I am not stressed of work overload, GHM planning and FSCONS planning. Brian and Jose were organising the GNU Hackers Meeting with me.    … and as always I’ll team up with the FSFE folks.

As for the presentations I will surely go and see:

a topic I find interesting for many reasons, more on that later

since I missed Daniel talk about this at FSCONS. As a FSCONS organiser I can’t just sit

I missed Mirko’s presentation at FSCONS as well …. always on the move at FSCONS 😉

And, of course I hope I will be able to do some business (Sandklef GNU Labs) down there. During some breaks I will prepare some presentations at “my” University next week and also prepare a Free Software presentation for a company later on in February (more on that later).

This year I’ll be traveling with Andreas Nilsson and Jeremiah Foster.  Same procedure as last year…

see you there

… did you see how I managed to mention FSCONS 6 times (including that very last) 😉

Preparing for FOSDEM

It seems as if I’ll be going to FOSDEM this year too.

Hopefully the schedules will be published soon. Hmm, as co organiser of FSCONS I know it’s hard to come up with a schedule in the quagmire of planning. But as a guest I want to have it. Will Keith Packard come and enlighten us with Xorg news?

Anyhow, the GNU plans for FOSDEM can be found here: http://www.gnu.org/ghm/2010/fosdem/

GNU Hackers Meeting and FSCONS

I fell better this year then any of the two previous years. It’s not only that Jonas Öberg is in charge of FSCONS even though that fact surely adds to the feeling. Sooo many people (if I name one I risk forgetting someone so to all of you, love you!) have done an extreme amount of hard work previous years. The work have been awesome and we can now see the results, e. g we don’t need to spend as much energy on promoting the conference as before. We’ve learned a lot from our (mainly my) mistakes. So thanks to everyone ever involved.

I remember talking to one of the FOSDEM organiser on the Beer event at last year’s FOSDEM. He seemed to be very much OK, but a bit confused. I guess that’s where I am heading in a few days. Land of confusion (as if I ever left that land). He gave me some tickets to get me some beers. So all organisers of Free Software conferences if you’re coming to FSCONS, come over to me (skinny, bearded, tall look confused) and you’ll get beers in return. … just starting a conference next year doesn’t count.

Anyhow, the main reason I feel so much better is that I will attend this years GNU Hackers Meeting, which is held the days before FSCONS at the same venue: ITUniv. It’s going to be great to see some “old” faces and some new. …. and finally I can pay back Simon Josefsson the lunch I ‘forced’ him to pay for me at FOSDEM.

… all in all, it’s gonna be great

FOSDEM …. always great

Back to reality after a weekend in Brusselles and FOSDEM. As usual I attended few lectures but met many people.

Andreas Nilsson thinking about pongo

Quim Gil (see picture below), Jeremiah (see man with a beer glass below), TImo and some more people spent hours discussing GPLv3…. on a Friday….. over some beers.

Quim Gil
Jeremiah Foster
Jeremiah Foster
Timo Jyrinki

Timo Jyrinki carefully listening to the others ... or is he bored?

Simon Josefsson and Jeremiah don't seem to be overly exited about the ext4 session by Theodore Ts'o

GNU meeting at FOSDEM 2009

In case any GNU hacker is going to FOSDEM we might as well meet and chat. I’ve suggested on the  gnu-prog-meetings mailinglist that we meet up and …well have a chat or a meeting. Perhaps discuss the next GNUHacker’s meetings (info on GHM/2008), we’ve offered to host one at IT University in Gothenburg.

   Proposed GNU chat/meeting:
          When:  Sunday, Feb 8,  13.00
          Where: In front of the FSFE booth

Orig Email post: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/gnu-prog-meetings/2009-01/msg00000.html

I know that Simon Josefsson most likely is heading for FOSDEM … as am I.

FOSDEM 2009, let's meet

Posted this today on various MLs, including: fsfe-nordic@fsfeurope.org

Orig email: http://mail.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/fsfe-nordic/2009-January/000050.html

Are you going to FOSDEM and want to meet up with other Nordic people at

We're proposing to meet up near the FSFE booth at Saturday 12.30 (15
mins after the Debian talk).


hesa usually looks a bit like the man in the middle of the photo here:

/Jeremiah Foster and Henrik Sandklef