Nomination period open for Nordic Free Software Award

Until October 22 you can nominate a person, a project or an organisation for the Nordic Free Software Award.

The Nordic Free Software Award given to people, projects or organisations in the Nordic countries that have made a prominent contribution to the advancement of Free Software. The award will be announced during FSCONS 2010 in Gothenburg.

Send an email to award at with the following information:

  • Name of nominee
  • Description/Bio of the nominee
  • Motivation for the award
  • Description of accomplishments

The Nordic Free Software Award has previously been given to:

  • 2009 Simon Josefsson and Daniel Stenberg
  • 2008 Mats Östling
  • 2007 SkoleLinux
More information about the award can be found here

FSCONS Embedded taks form

Over the last days we have started to add the accepted talks into the embedded schdule

Getting familiar with embedded Linux using inexpensive hardware

Embedding Linux for an Automotive Environment

Workshop on file system formats

Qt for smartphones

And we have more coming in… just you wait and see

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Andrew Gerrand and GO / FSCONS extra event

June 8, I opened the doors of IT University for an extra FSCONS event arranged by FSCONS and GTUGAndrew Gerrand from Google was here in Gothenburg to talk us through the language Go.

I liked Andrew’s talk btw. Clear. Easy to understand. He seemed to be interested in the questions asked. During the talk theere was a discussion on IDEs and according to Andrew there’s no need for an IDE when writing Go (which is the case (IMHO) when you’re programming for example Java). That sounded promising. Anyhow, let’s talk about Go. I am usually skeptical to new things (a clear sign of a geezer) and to some extent I’ll stay that way regarding Go. At least for a while more. Without any deeper knowledge I present my reflections on the language (as if anyone cares):

When it comes to memory management I feel pretty ok. As a developer it’s easier to let some one else do memory allocation for you (i.e not alloc and free), but at the same time when doing C/C++ I am in control and I can predict a bit better when things happen.

[In a previous version of this blog post I by mistake used the word concurrency to mean the distribution mechanism in Erlang. This is such a big mistake I’ve decided to rewrite history and edit my blog post – 2010-06-11]

Looking at “cross machine distribution mechanism” (think Erlang) I miss it. I asked Andrew about this and he said that there is none, but I interpreted him as if the door is not closed, but until then we will have to rely on a library (think pthreads in C).  However, if concurrency comes with a virtual machine or run time system (or what ever you want to call it) I am not sure I think it’s worth it. At least not when it comes to the kind of programs I normally write.

I asked Andrew about shared libraries and there is no such thing in Go. I surely understand why, but it would be neat to have. This could be done I guess with the C bindings mechanism in Go.

Enough of my complaints and ramblings. What do I think?…. what is my gut feeling. I am not a big fan of leaning on arguments such as “my inner feel says”, but that’s more or less what I will do.

Why Go?: It’s free software. It seems to be a language with which I can quickly get my things done.

Why not Go?: Not that many targets supported, no shared libs, non concurrency (why not use C instead of Go then?)

I guess I will give it a try…. and that’s not something I say that often. Perhaps write some Xnee bindings for Go.

Makes me wonder, should we invite some one to talk about Go at “the real” FSCONS 2010?

FSCONS Call for participation

FSCONS needs you!

Do you have a cool software or  hardware you want to talk about, why not do it in Gothenburg (Sweden) at FSCONS? Instructions for submission can be found here:


The Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit (FSCONS) is a meeting place for social change, focused on the future of free software and free society. The conference brings together people from a wide range of fields, and merges the technical with the social, seeking both to activate and challenge. Open discussion and brainstorming are as important as the talks given during the conference.

Restarting life (and GNU Xnee)

Having had a very tough period behind me (well, some work remains so the weekend will be spent catching up) I am now in a position which I started aiming at some years ago (yes, it’s true). Sounds like big words. It is and it isn’t. Eh?

What is great is…

that I am embarking on a software project together with two other great humans (in Gothenburg). The software is based on an idea I got several years ago. When I met with these two, the idea really was turned into something really cool and we think it has a great potential.  More on this project an other day, we’ll stay low for a while

FSCONS is being planned. I will focus more on an embedded part this year. It’s gonna rock!

Furthermore, I am catching up on my todo list, which have been incredibly big (GNU Xnee is still on the list, and needs a lot of attention and is gonna get top prio).

But wait, there’s more…. Being a teacher and meeting great and inspiring students (friends) are totally awesome.

And finally my colleague and I just finalised the planning of a panel debate. During the planning I’ve met people who, with their insights and feedback, really made all the efforts worthwhile. More on the debate later..

So in short, this blog post is simply saying

I am on track again

……. ready to start putting things on top of other things

FOSDEM – here we go

… having finished a hectic period I must say that leaving for FOSDEM tomorrow morning feels great. I will team up with Daniel Stenberg, Magnus Hagander and of course some GNUs, I know that some of the people at last year’s GNU Hackers Meeting (held the days before FSCONS) will come over to FOSDEM as well :). Going to be great meeting Brian Gough and Jose E. Marchesi while I am not stressed of work overload, GHM planning and FSCONS planning. Brian and Jose were organising the GNU Hackers Meeting with me.    … and as always I’ll team up with the FSFE folks.

As for the presentations I will surely go and see:

a topic I find interesting for many reasons, more on that later

since I missed Daniel talk about this at FSCONS. As a FSCONS organiser I can’t just sit

I missed Mirko’s presentation at FSCONS as well …. always on the move at FSCONS 😉

And, of course I hope I will be able to do some business (Sandklef GNU Labs) down there. During some breaks I will prepare some presentations at “my” University next week and also prepare a Free Software presentation for a company later on in February (more on that later).

This year I’ll be traveling with Andreas Nilsson and Jeremiah Foster.  Same procedure as last year…

see you there

… did you see how I managed to mention FSCONS 6 times (including that very last) 😉