Coming out of my closets: #01 Musical

In an earlier blog post (Understanding my students or why I started learning Haskell, Part III) I came out the Computer Science closet by admitting I don’t know functional programming, at least not good enough. Having admitted that I might as well continue admitting other weaknesses I, until now, secretly have.

Having worked in a record store for some years I learned that some music is OK (Pink Floyd, Guns ‘n Roses…). Some music is totally obligatory to like (Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan) and some music is NOT ok (Whitesnake, Bon Jovi).

Perhaps it is my fright of being regarded as a hipster that forces me to write this. Or perhaps I am seeing too many people liking stuff because they really should like it (hipster!). But let’s not put too much into this. This post is just for fun.

Bands I like that are NOT OK to like by most musical snobs:

Bans I am supposed to like, but I don’t:

  • Velvet Underground – well, some songs are good.
  • Beach boys – I just don’t get it. What’s good about ’em?
  • Queen – come on, does anyone really them?
  • The Doors – I did like them years ago. Not at all anymore.
  • The Police – No, don’t feel a thing. Like the drums though!
  • The Strokes – Don’t get it.

I do however qualify as a basted liking bands I should so I am just like anyone else. I am huge fan of Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Tom Waits – and boy, they all give super duper heavy duty points among record (store) folks.

I have some ideas on subjects where I feel a need to come out: movies, literature, beer,

Top 5 heavy albums

A friend of mine just invited me to come over to to a dinner where we all will present our favorite top 5 metal albums of all time. Great, it’ll be easy…. or?

First thought was to have the first 5 Black Sabbath albums. Hmm, I also need to add the three first Rainbow albums and Slayer‘s Seasons in the abyss. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin …. can I add Jimi Hendrix? Motörhead, Judas Priest…. Saxon, Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, ….

Great, but it’s not going to be easy 😉

Joh Hiatt / Gothenburg 11 Dec 2007

At very rare occasions you stumble across great concerts. Sometimes
they are like pure magic. Sometimes even better. This was one of
them. OK, John Hiatt as s song writer has been a favorite of mine for
years. Ever since I heard Have a little faith in me I’ve been
stuck. I still remember listening to the album Bring the family for
the first time. Pure magic. Back to the concert.

Hearing favorite songs like Lipstick sunset live is fantastic. And
acoustic. No band. No nothing. Only John Hiatt, his music and his
magical voice. He seems to enjoy playing live. Enjoy being still being
married. I will not (try to) write more about the concert. Instead I
will ask you to but the album Bring the family. That album is very
high on my greatest albums list. The concert itself is heading for the
top. Neil young and Sonic Youth (both in Roskilde, Denmark) and Elvis
Costello (Spike tour) are the others I can think of. And perhaps Frank
Zappa in Stockholm.

John, please come back to the place you actually didn’t pronounce that
well: Storan

José González live in Gothenburg

I’ve just been to a live show with José González (thanks Mattias!).

Jose played mainly new songs (no, he didn’t play Crosses). Since I haven’t listened that much to the latest album (yes, I bought it.) it suited me fine.

I tried to write some words about the show and discovered I suck at writing about music. I think I need to practice. Anyway, I deleted the text. For your sake.
it’s kind of fun to listen to one of my top[1] favorite artists alive and hear him talk between the songs. You can he’s from Gothenburg (my home town)
…. you can hear the show live in Swedish Radio 14 November

[1] Will Oldham, Tom Petty, Neil Young, John Hiatt and of course José González

Top 10 albums, #1: Fred Ã…kerström / Fred sjunger Bellman

A cover album. Who would have thought that. Fred Åkerström sings Bellman so beautiful, so intense, so full of emotions. I will not try to translate the lyrics since my English is not good enough. But you can still listen to the the emotions and the excellent musical interpretations on the albums.
Fred Åkerström

  1. Fader Berg i hornet stöter
  2. Ack, du min moder
  3. Kära syster, mig nu lyster
  4. Drick ur ditt glas
  5. Ack, vad för en usel koja
  6. Bröderna fara väl vilse ibland
  7. Movitz blåste en konsert
  8. Se dansmästarn Mollberg
  9. Liksom en herdinna
  10. Märk hur vår skugga

List to the song Liksom en herdinna. Fred’s singing is getting more intense for every verse. In the end the song is so full of emotions. Can’t (and need not) say more.

For musical (as well as vocal and lyrical) reasons listen to Ack, vad för en usel koja.

Can this really be number 1? Yes, this is the album I would grab if the house was on fire.

Top 10 albums, #2: Neil Young / After the gold rush

Neil Young / After the gold rush

  1. Tell Me Why
  2. After the Gold Rush
  3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  4. Southern Man
  5. Till the Morning Comes
  6. Oh, Lonesome Me
  7. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
  8. Birds
  9. When You Dance I Can Really Love
  10. I Believe in You
  11. Cripple Creek Ferry

Don’t Let It Bring You Down – this is I think the best song (well, at least top 5) ever written.

Don’t let it bring you down
It’s only castles burning,
Find someone who’s turning
And you will come around.

Tell Me Why

Is it hard to make
arrangements with yourself,
When you’re old enough to repay
but young enough to sell?

… just noticed I can’t write about the album.