Henry Rollins in February 2010 … YES!

2 years ago (well almost) I went to see Henry Rollins, and even blogged about it.

He is and has been since the 80’s  a true source of inspiration for me. Many times I’ve sung his songs in my head or screamed them out load just to ‘recover’ myself. I can’t say I agree to everything he says. Far from it, but his energy and commitment. Wow.  If you’re in Gothenburg or somewhere else and have a chance to see Henry. GO SEE HIM!! … think he’s got more muscles on one of his arms than I have in total.

There are of course other people that have meant a lot to me. Tom Petty, Will Oldham, Richard Dawkins, Suicidal Tendencies to name but a few … more on that some fine day.

Chalmers Magasine about FSCONS (online)

Chalmers Magasine has written about FSCONS. Being high time to implement plans for this year’s conference I blog this to get you all in shape for working your XXX off one more year.

Page 12-14 in the pdf

… and please read the comic at the end. Johan Wanloo is one of the funniest comic writers ever. Yup, I really mean ever.

Really should have seen this pdf a while ago. Last I time I checked the number wasn’t online. It is now. So here’s some reading (Swedish).


… btw, Jonas Öberg and I together with Lennert Gullbrandsson (Wikimedia Sverige) are planning some kind of FSCONS brainstorming evening at some time not so far away from here.

Liverpuddlians unite!

We are proud to announce the start of a new organisation dedicated to football and free software.


GLO – Gothenburg Liverpool Organisation

GLO – Gothenburg GNU/Linux organisation

Depending on the mood we’re in and in what context the member is currently in, we may use any of the two different meanings of the acronym.

To join the organisation, you must:

  • be a Free Software supporter
  • be a Liverpool FC supporter
  • live in Gothenburg

GLO’s first meeting ever is held at Plain Kitchen in Gothenburg March 10, 20.00

Sweden today – surveillance society

took the tram down town yesterday to team up with some old friends for dinner. At the tram I saw this nasty picture

Yup, the vehicle had a camera installed for surveillance.

Since it was a cold night and I didn’t want to freeze my poor head off I had my hood over my head. When entering the tram I didn’t take the hood off, because of the camera.

Does this make me more suspicious?

… the whole situation is a bit absurd. More cameras solve nothing.

90 minutes of football …. more than I could handle

I am currently in the worst shape in at least ten years. I have barely moved (should a hacker move his body btw?). I have rescheduled my self and now have more spare time so it was about time to team up with the other guys. My body lasted 30 seconds. My malfunctioning brain fortunately didn’t take notice of the warning signals so I actually did 90 minutes of indoor football.

Feels good right now. Wonder how it feels on the morrow? 😉