Chalmers Magasine about FSCONS (online)

Chalmers Magasine has written about FSCONS. Being high time to implement plans for this year’s conference I blog this to get you all in shape for working your XXX off one more year.

Page 12-14 in the pdf

… and please read the comic at the end. Johan Wanloo is one of the funniest comic writers ever. Yup, I really mean ever.

Really should have seen this pdf a while ago. Last I time I checked the number wasn’t online. It is now. So here’s some reading (Swedish).


… btw, Jonas Öberg and I together with Lennert Gullbrandsson (Wikimedia Sverige) are planning some kind of FSCONS brainstorming evening at some time not so far away from here.

Gnome 2.24 tea party at Flygarns in Gothenburg, Sweden

Follow up on a previous blog post about Gnome 2.24 release party I will state two++ things: when, where and why I think I am being fooled

We will meet up at Flygarns Haga Friday the 26th around 19.00 (add yourself to the wiki page if you’re coming).

That was when and where. Onwards to my feelings on this

As a spokeperson for the geezers in Gothenburg (we have a society for geezers in Sweden) I feel I must point out that Flygarns used to be a cafe, where on could drink coffee, nothing else. No espressos, no cappucino… actually almost no anything. Anyhow, being reluctant to changes I feel a bit uneasy about this whole thing. Further more I am a bit afraid of my teetotaller reputation being spoilt (again).  No, I am not. I am just tired.

Come over to Flygarns, it’s going to be great!

Andreas Nilsson is coming

Kalle Persson is coming

Clemens Bus is coming

why not you?

Spirou re-released in Sweden

Wow, finally my childhood heroes are re released.

The days of reading my Asterix, Lucky Luke and Gaston re released magzines (with nice comments and extra material) over and over again and dreaming about Spirou mags are over.

Given the quality of the extra material in the Lucky Luke and Asterix mags I can’t wait to get hold of them Spirou mags. Will rush to Seriehörnan and buy the first one this monday.

who could possibly ask for more?

Running out of Gastons

Yup, I’ve very soon read all the Gaston comics. Read them some twenty (uh oh!) years ago and decided to buy the collection some months ago. It truly inspired me (I am being honest!). I still have some Lucky Luke to read though.

Since I read the Asterix and Obelix albums last year I am beginning to run out of childhood heroes. Of course there’s Spirou. Hmm, is there a collection out there? A box (in Swedish), anyone?
And yes, of course. Groo. I’ve saved the Groo albums. At least the first four years or so.

and btw, Sweden has some great comic writers……. more on that some other day!

Författarens kommentar, eller bokens?

Har funderat ett tag på om det heter:

Författarens till boken kommentar


Författaren till bokens kommentar

Det första skulle ge stöd Ã¥t att vi har genitivkasus, vilket skulle ge mig lite belägg inför den pÃ¥gÃ¥ende diskussionen om tyska och svenska sprÃ¥ket som Christof Thim och jag har. Men vi säger ju i Sverige enligt det andra alternativet, vilket talar emot att vi har genitivkasus och för att vi har en klitisk partikel (s). Hmm, kanske läge att prata med Svenska Akademin. Eller Ã¥tminstone kolla pÃ¥ deras sidor….. skall gör sÃ¥. Ã…terkommer.

För den som undrar “tillhör” kommentaren som Ã¥syftas ovan författaren.

Följande lades till 9/5-2007
Språkrådets frågelåda:

Heter det Konungens av Danmark bröstkarameller eller Konungen av Danmarks bröstkarameller?

I dag skall genitivändelsen placeras på det sista ordet i en flerordig fras: Kungen av Danmarks bröstkarameller. Så kan man göra med en ordgrupp som utgör ett namn eller en fast fras. Det kallas gruppgenitiv.

Däremot bör man inte göra så i tillfälliga fraser, t.ex. skolorna i Stockholm. Det skall alltså inte vara skolorna i Stockholms elevantal. Det får man i stället skriva om: Stockholmsskolornas elevantal eller elevantalet i skolorna i Stockholm.