More gnupg docs …. and bzr access offered

Uploaded a couple of more docs. Already got a couple of bug reports (thanks a lot!), will update ’em later tonite.

Uploaded: Keysigning Party Howto

The sources in the VCS are currently not open for everyone. No, that doesn’t mean I break GFDL or whatever license. For every release I upload at I also upload a tar ball of the sources.

Do you need bzr access, just send me an email 🙂

GPG Minihowto in Swedish uploaded

Just compiled (to pdf, html) and uploaded Swedish versions of the GnuPG Minihowto. This is part of a project sponsored by .SE where translations of GnuPG documents shall be made. It should have been finished a loooong while ago, anyhow it’s about time upload them docs (incl src).

Start looking here:… will upload more docs as quick as I can.

…. today’s version of the minihowto can be found here:

IIS, thanks for being patient. Stian, thanks for helping me out 🙂

I don’t believe in ghosts. Not for a second actually. So this blog post may seem a bit contradicting in two ways:

  1. I blog in English about a Swedish document
  2. This translation project feels as if it’s been haunted. So many things have happened along the road. Hope there’s no more surprises lurking round the corner….

GnuPG doc translation status Sep 23 2008

I am involved in a project translating all the GnuPG docs to Swedish. The project is kindly sponsored by .SE. I will begin writing monthly online status reports and publish them here.

Currently I am translating the The GNU Privacy Handbook.

Document                               Lines     Completeness

GnuPG (the program it self)                      100%

man pages                              8844      100%

GnuPG MiniHOWTO                         786      100%

GnuPG SmartcardHOWTO                   1453      100%

The GNU Privacy Handbook               6898       44%

A Practical Introduction to GPG in…     656

Gpg4win für Einsteiger (novices)       1426
Gpg4win für Durchblicker (advanced)     116