Nice view of Gothenburg harbor … WTF a hanging truck!

Today I enjoyed the weather on the ferry taking me home. I looked towards the inner harbor and enjoyed the view.



Looks nice doesn’t it. Look closer … I’ll zoom in for you:




WTF … it’s a truck hanging there!!!!












Palindrome date today, 2011-11-02

Today we celebrate the fact that we have a palindrome date. If we write the date as YYYY-MM-DD we get 2011-11-02 which is a palindrome.

Another palindrome date, which we only get by cheating by writing the date as YY-MM-DD, we get 11-11-11 (Nov 11, 2011). This date is IMO not a real palindrome day, but really cool. So cool we used it for FSCONS

Indoctrination is working – the kids are alright

Being father of three, I’ve given quite some thoughts about indoctrination. It’s easy to see how easy it is to program kids, we’re only animals after all.

To avoid my kids to be indocrinated by my views I try as a hard as possible to make them think by them selves. Answering “Yes or No” or “True or False” has implications. So I usually answer “depends on” etc. After all, it’s not as if there’s one true evil and one true good party in the middle east conflict. This is something to think about when you read an article about the Middle east. If the article is 10 sentences long, chances are they’re missing something 😉

Anyhow, being a person usually bragging about my own achievements I must stand up and admit a failure. And also say I am very proud.

All three daughters are now asking me to put on the album Dr John’s “In the right place”. They’re singing along. Especially the song “Life”. One of the daughters even requested to have the CD in her room. She’s playing it all the time. The album was listed among my Top 10 albums a while ago.

Guess this proves indoctrination works.