GPG Minihowto in Swedish uploaded

Just compiled (to pdf, html) and uploaded Swedish versions of the GnuPG Minihowto. This is part of a project sponsored by .SE where translations of GnuPG documents shall be made. It should have been finished a loooong while ago, anyhow it’s about time upload them docs (incl src).

Start looking here:… will upload more docs as quick as I can.

…. today’s version of the minihowto can be found here:

IIS, thanks for being patient. Stian, thanks for helping me out 🙂

I don’t believe in ghosts. Not for a second actually. So this blog post may seem a bit contradicting in two ways:

  1. I blog in English about a Swedish document
  2. This translation project feels as if it’s been haunted. So many things have happened along the road. Hope there’s no more surprises lurking round the corner….