GnuPG Swedish Manual uploaded

Just uploaded the Swedish Manual (incl src) for GnuPG.


GPG Minihowto in Swedish uploaded

Just compiled (to pdf, html) and uploaded Swedish versions of the GnuPG Minihowto. This is part of a project sponsored by .SE where translations of GnuPG documents shall be made. It should have been finished a loooong while ago, anyhow it’s about time upload them docs (incl src).

Start looking here:… will upload more docs as quick as I can.

…. today’s version of the minihowto can be found here:

IIS, thanks for being patient. Stian, thanks for helping me out 🙂

I don’t believe in ghosts. Not for a second actually. So this blog post may seem a bit contradicting in two ways:

  1. I blog in English about a Swedish document
  2. This translation project feels as if it’s been haunted. So many things have happened along the road. Hope there’s no more surprises lurking round the corner….