41 – an Adams prime number

During a lunch the other day we spoke about the number 41 (which happens to my age (actually today I am turning 41)) and that it is a prime number.

Rikard pointed out that 41 is not  Mersenne primes number, so it seemed to us that 41 is just another ‘boring’ prime. But then Greg pointed out that 41 is equal to 42-1. 42 is a really interesting number, since according to Douglas Adams (author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) 42 is the answer to….. (well, read the hitchhiker’s guide and you’ll find out). So 41 must be an interesting prime after all. So given the way we name some prime numbers Mersenne we should name all the prime numbers that can be written as 42-1 an Adams prime number.

Now we need to find if there are an infinite number of Adams prime numbers…..

Bringing stupidity to a new level: macros and searduino

I wanted to test the “syntheseizer” I built (one potentiometer with two piezosummers playing same tone, as set by the potentiometer, in different octaves). And of course some blinking leds.

I spent 30 minutes figuring out why it didn’t work. Seemed to work nice in the Searduino Simulator (wait a week until it’s ready for use). Tons of time checking that the libraries built are ok. Finally, I tested to upload some code from the Arduino examples and, all of a sudden, reading analog pin worked again… and guess what? After a long while I found this:

#define analogRead(p) 500 

Kinda explains why all the delays based on digitalRead I did always took 1/2 a second. It’s hard to love your self after such a mistake. And yes, this really addresses an issue with C.

What you see is NOT what you compile.

Roaring forties and bumping my own version number

A bit cryptic?   “I said Well, I guess”[1]

Somewhere in the back of my head I hear my father talk about some cryptic place on earth, presumably a place he wanted to sail to…. think he did actually, called the roaring forties. So why do I hear this in my head? Simple. I just entered the forties myself. Not the place, but the age. Yup, I just turned 40 years. 40 years… hmmm. Makes one think.

I am older than most of my students even if I switch to using HEX and they in DEC and we simply compare.

When releasing some software with a new “major” version number (e.g going from 3.2 to 4.0) you usually have tons of new features. Well, I (the person) don’t have any new features. Still I bump major version number (3.9 to 4.0).

But quite frankly I guess I don’t care about this whole age thing. I guess I never have. Much better to have fun and enjoy life (enjoy it your way, not via someone else’s expectation) than getting lost in numbers …… Sounds a bit desperate? 😉

… I better go home and pick up the kids and wife and go out and eat and drink.


[1] From Bob Dylan’s song Isis

FOSDEM – here we go

… having finished a hectic period I must say that leaving for FOSDEM tomorrow morning feels great. I will team up with Daniel Stenberg, Magnus Hagander and of course some GNUs, I know that some of the people at last year’s GNU Hackers Meeting (held the days before FSCONS) will come over to FOSDEM as well :). Going to be great meeting Brian Gough and Jose E. Marchesi while I am not stressed of work overload, GHM planning and FSCONS planning. Brian and Jose were organising the GNU Hackers Meeting with me.    … and as always I’ll team up with the FSFE folks.

As for the presentations I will surely go and see:

a topic I find interesting for many reasons, more on that later

since I missed Daniel talk about this at FSCONS. As a FSCONS organiser I can’t just sit

I missed Mirko’s presentation at FSCONS as well …. always on the move at FSCONS 😉

And, of course I hope I will be able to do some business (Sandklef GNU Labs) down there. During some breaks I will prepare some presentations at “my” University next week and also prepare a Free Software presentation for a company later on in February (more on that later).

This year I’ll be traveling with Andreas Nilsson and Jeremiah Foster.  Same procedure as last year…

see you there

… did you see how I managed to mention FSCONS 6 times (including that very last) 😉

fnoss.org – next step

This is text copied from: http://mail.fsfeurope.org/pipermail/fsfe-nordic/2009-August/000109.html

hi all,

 fnoss.org has been running for a while now. For some of us it has been
the main source for news about the Free Software situation in the Nordic

 Here is some stuff that would be great to get some input on:

 * Language specific sections
   One plan is to make, for example, a Norwegian section with a bit
broader scope of bloggers.... and in the Norwegian languages only.

   Given that we have some languages that crosses national borders, e g
Sami, the country division may not be optimal so we propose language

   This also implies that the main site (fnoss.org) will be in english
only. Bloggers who blogs in english and another language may have to be
forced to use a "fnoss-en" tag of some kind to get to the main site.

   Example: http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-rss/

 * Mailing lists, Twitter feeds

   We've added some software to scrape Mailing lists and include twitter
feeds and turn them into rss.

   Future plans: forum, ...... any ideas

 * New pages and a new interface

   The pages/new interface are
    1. Mailing lists  - from ML only
    2. Blogs - from blogs
    3. Twitter - from twitter
    4. All feeds in one  (1, 2 and 3)
    5. All feeds (as 4.) with a new layout

   Examples (beta versions (Swedish mainly)):
    1. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-ml/
    2. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-rss/
    3. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss-twitter/
    4. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss/
    5. http://itupw056.itu.chalmers.se/se-fnoss/template_test/