Thesis; HW simulators with Erlang

Finally read a thesis done by some students that took some of “my” courses in the past, Rickard Olsson and Reza Javaheri. I have previously seen the results from their thesis work so the time it took to read the paer is not due to lack of interest, rather a sign of lack of time.

The thesis is call “Embedded Erlang Simulation”. It contains some interesting views on simulation that I support (it should be possible to simulate almost everything). Due to timing constraints of the thesis and also to fit the “customer’s”, and possibly also their own personal interest they focused on Erlang. This is not in any way a critique of mine, but rather a wish for future research.

In short the thesis is about creating simulators for device drivers and a work flow for developing under Erlang Embedded.I recommend reading it.

This area in computer science is interesting and I am somewhat surprised that so few people in the industry projects I’ve been involved in neglect the possibilities given by a good simulated environment.

GNU Xnee does to some extent a similar thing as they are trying to do. And hey, Xnee is mentioned in the paper.

The software is available, under Apache 2.0, at github:

A pdf versison is available here